It’s Me

Well, this is it. The world according to me. Of course, you have no idea who I am, but, spoiler alert: you will if you choose to keep reading.  


Now’s your chance, because when you look at the world the way I do, you can’t unsee it.   Right off the bat – yup, life is about choices. It’ll only take a few minutes to drink in and I promise it won’t hurt. Make my day.


Hello again!  My name is Isaac Rodriguez, and I am a New York-based reformed banker, outsourced executive, public speaker, actor, musician, management, marketing and finance consultant, model, voice-over artist and magician.  I’m also a caregiver and have been since I was a boy.


In my spare time I like to stand on my head and spit out hundred dollar bills.  Ok, you got me. I really don’t have any spare time.


I’m a man who has and wears many hats and I love to learn.  In my professional banking career, I helped tons of privately-held businesses attack financial and other issues that privately owned companies have. I’ve been exposed to many different types of people, their problems, goals and ways of life. Throughout my experiences and interactions, I’ve found myself asking the same question over and over: “Is it me…?”  


No really, is it?  


And that question leads to so many more questions.  One of the first things I tell clients is that I don’t have the answers, they do. I just have lots of questions that can help them see solutions:


What’s the purpose?  Why are we doing what we do every day? Are a lot of expectations unrealistic? Do we try to take on too much at once? Are we being too hard on ourselves or not hard enough? Have we settled for less more often than not? Are we being made empty promises on a daily basis? Are we looking for unicorn solutions and falling prey to the new shiny object, or immediate gratification? Can you really lose weight fast, get rich quick and build a healthy, loving, mutually satisfying relationship overnight?  Do that many people fall for this? Is there another word for thesaurus?


I know some of the answers, and most of them can be dismissed with, “it depends”, but I still ask these questions and more all the time. I would love to know your thoughts, because in my opinion, almost none of this is actually possible.  Is it me, or do I really need to act now, while supplies last?


I created this blog to share my ideas, my view of the world. I am going to respectfully talk about life, business, expectations, everyday observations, mental health issues, who I am, what I do, and why I think it all matters, or, dare I say, should.  But that would be in a perfect world, and we are all beautifully imperfect in our own special ways, so that leaves me to write about it on the Internet.


I see potential in everyone and get great joy from helping people realize it.  We are so much more adaptive and capable than we give ourselves credit for, but many of us lose ourselves on the journey.  Doesn’t it make more sense to take your time along the way and enjoy the scenery, rather than rushing to an often self-inflicted destination to see what is happening right here and right now?   None of us have a crystal ball and can predict the future.


Every day is a journey, and only you know the roads.  There is no time like the present to begin. Or continue one you started before, or any other way you want to see your life’s work.  Know that there is just no time like the present, and there is nothing better than being present, mindful and truly in the moment. That is what it feels to be alive, your heart pumping blood through your veins, your lungs taking in the air.


If this resonates with you, fantastic!!  Follow me, leave a note or send me an email.  But only if you’re not afraid to question yourself and hold yourself accountable for the answers.  I haven’t found a lot of us out there.


Let’s get through the day-to-day stuff together and have some fun.  




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