Why Hire A Management Consultant?

Every business owner wants to better understand how to take decisive action and achieve sustainable results. Along the way to gaining these insights, we struggle with challenges that we feel are unique to us, but we’re not alone.

Some of the problems we all face include:

  • Being overwhelmed by the many different tasks involved with not only running but growing a business

  • Not knowing where to start to make improvements

  • Not feeling heard and understood by internal teams

  • Not feeling heard and understood by outsourced CFO/CMOs

“Business owners can feel like they’re treading water even when they’re profitable. That’s why I developed Double Eagle Process. Don’t just survive…


Double Eagle Process Will Help You:

  • Understand how to develop and execute the right plans

  • Understand how to bring the numbers to life

  • Understand how to put the proper processes in place

  • Take advantage of the deep and valuable financial perspectives of a former banker

  • Enjoy a blend of insight, effectiveness, and enjoyment that no other consultancy can match

On-Boarding Process: What To Expect

  • Comprehensive Goal Setting 
  • Design custom reports with TLAs tailored to your unique industry and growth stage to help bring the numbers to life
  • Technology analysis and recommendation/upgrade report
  • Review accounting for sound foundation; it is not uncommon to revise balance sheets during this phase to get a more accurate picture of the organizations financial reality
  • Collaboratively draft an organizational roadmap extending 90-120 days

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